Benefits of drone photography in construction

You have seen them... those beautiful aerial shots of picturesque landscapes come to our minds while speaking of unmanned flying machines. But, the use of drones is no longer limited to photography. They have come a long way from mere toys, to a professional photographer’s aid, to an indispensable business tool.

Drone technology adopted by contractors

Today, drones can be of massive help to landscapers and pool builders as they can help them streamline their construction projects. Drones can help them plan their projects and execute them efficiently and effectively. In addition to that, capturing the entire project with a drone can immensely benefit the contractors, helping them market themselves with visual proof of their work.

landscape planning

Plan Construction

The site’s examination is one of the initial steps in construction; the use of drones for construction begins at this very phase of the project. From the aerial shots that a drone produces, you can get a clear view of the land and plan your entire project roadmap accordingly. These detailed photographs and videos can be used for logistics and production planning purposes.

Superior Marketing Images

Pictures sell. Content is King. A contractor who wants to visually demonstrate how a proposed project will be laid out can use the unique, overhead view only a drone can capture. Your marketing will improve dramatically when you can share aerial images of your work on your social media feeds, in your printed materials, in your showroom and on your website. Progress images from above generate excitement and talking points on your social media.

drone photo of pool install
photo by: Southern Star 360

Improve Safety

A drone is not only helpful to landscapers and pool builders at the start and end of a construction project; it is of great use even when construction is underway. During this stage of the project, drones can safeguard the site from instances of theft by making it easier to track and manage materials and assets.

“So, should I buy a drone?”

Drone photo

Now that you fully understand the incredible advantages of a drone, you would be willing to buy one, too. As much as you want to quickly reap the benefits of using drones for your construction project though, there are a lot of things you may need to consider prior to actually investing in a new drone.

If you plan to use drones for commercial purposes, you need to keep in mind certain rules laid down by the U.S. government. You have to understand and abide by the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Regulations (Part 107).

What are they going to do to me if I don't get a license?

Part 107 is a set of rules and regulations for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or what we call drones. According to Part 107, every drone that weighs in at less than 55 pounds must be registered before it is allowed to operate. In addition to the registration, the drone operator must have a remote pilot certificate with a small UAS rating and be comfortable dealing with the air charts, weather patterns, and safety regulations.

Many inexperienced drone operators often simply disregard these regulations as they fly over people, in foggy conditions, in national parks, and so on. If a UAS pilot is found to be performing such reckless and negligent activities by the authorities, they could be facing huge penalties.

A very recent and perhaps the most notable example of this comes from Philadelphia. In early November 2020, an unlicensed drone pilot and YouTuber from Philadelphia received 123 infractions from the FAA, with a total civil penalty of $182,004! These violations related to drone videos that were live-streamed to his YouTube channel where he can be seen recklessly operating his drone at over 400 feet, through skyscrapers, and in the rain and fog. (article: 911security.com)

Considering all this, it is not recommended to go for in-house drone operations as ignorance here is anything but bliss, and in contrast, comes at pretty high costs.

FAA drone license
Southern Star 360 has FAA licensed drone pilots
professional drone pilot

Why should I hire a licensed drone operator?

The ideal solution would be to hire a licensed drone pilot and outsource all of your drone operations. This way, you would not have to concern yourself with the FAA’s UAS regulations Part 107. You could simply use drones to their fullest capacity to yield desirable results.

Let us look at some of the major benefits of hiring a certified drone expert.

Let's look at some of the major benefits of hiring a certified drone expert.

1. Increased safety

The first real benefit of hiring a professional is safety. Certified drone experts are trained to determine the weather conditions in order to take action accordingly. They know the effects temperatures and climate conditions can have on a drone flight; thus, they can correctly assess whether it would be ideal to operate a drone on any particular day.

In addition to that, licensed drone operators are well aware of all FAA regulations, ensuring you and your business are protected from any law violation. They are also equipped to communicate with the FAA in order to obtain approval to operate the drone over your construction project site. Since you do not have to deal with all the red tape anymore, you would be able to invest your little gray cells in some of the more critical parts of your business.

2. Added knowledge 

Without a doubt, a certified drone expert would have much more expertise in the field than an amateur. This is because all drone pilots must pass a Part 107 knowledge test before they can be granted a license. Of course, if you hire a professional drone pilot, you can rest assured they will do the job right. What’s more? You can also work with these drone experts to overcome any legal and operational restrictions that may come your way down the line. Southern Star 360 carries project-specific insurance policies to protect our clients' property and interests.

3. Better quality

It cannot be denied that things are so much better when done by a specialist than when they are done by a casual hobbyist. If you hire a drone expert, you will get desirable results and better quality of service. A drone operator with years of industry experience and specialized training under his belt would be able to produce high-quality photographs and videos. They would know how to use a drone to its fullest potential to deliver enhanced results.

Contact Southern Star 360 for a hassle-free experience!

Do you want to use drones to up your construction game, too? Are you looking for ways to create a better business identity in the market to get more work? Would you like to have an impressive portfolio? If your answer is yes to all of these, you need to hire an FAA-licensed drone pilot to meet your needs.

At Southern Star 360, we provide professional drone photography services. Our certified drone pilots will help you achieve your business objectives by delivering 4K high-resolution aerial photos. To learn more about our drone photography services, you can get in touch with us at (469) 686-4184.

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